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Mouth-nose mask  - Size S - Toxin-free according to GOTS
Mouth-nose mask  - Size S - Toxin-free according to GOTSMouth-nose mask  - Size S - Toxin-free according to GOTSMouth-nose mask  - Size S - Toxin-free according to GOTS

Mouth-nose mask - Size S - Toxin-free according to GOTS


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Mouth-nose mask - Size S - Toxin-free according to GOTS

*** This mask is not a medical device! ***

With this mask you can take a deep breath, because the entire product, from the yarn to the fabric, has been ecologically tested. Thanks to the certification by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), our product does not contain any toxic pollutants that are restricted as per the GOTS. This is particularly important for a mask that is worn directly in front of the mouth and nose, in order not to endanger our own health unnecessarily. This mask is not only made out of Fairtrade cotton and organic certified cotton, but we have also taken into account all other ingredients such as dyes, yarns, ribbons and prints. That way you can be sure that our GOTS certified mask is healthy for you and the environment.

What is particularly functional about our mouth and nose mask is that it has a long organic cotton band, in addition to the rubber bands for attaching behind the ears. This allows you to hang the mask loosely around your neck so that you don't put the mask anywhere and forget it. Due to the organic cotton band, you can have your mask ready for use at any time without long searches.

As if that wasn't enough reason to wear a MELAWEAR mask, with each mask sold to end customers we donate one more mask in India to the immediate surrounding of our tailors in Umargam. Thus our claim to fair trade and responsibility has a double effect: on the organic cotton field with Fairtrade Cotton and for the tailors through the donated masks.

We all know that masks do not protect us, but others. But if we all participate, they can make a big difference.

The exchange of this article is excluded for hygienic reasons.


For enquiries above 1,000 pieces for NGOs, communities, companies or other institutions, please contact us via phone or email.



  • Fairtrade Cotton
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS, Organic, CERES-0199)
  • Grüner Knopf



  • 100% woven organic cotton
  • Soft poplin


  • Double organic cotton fabric for more material thickness and density
  • Wide and comfortable elastic bands for fastening behind the ears
  • Organic cotton band for around the neck for quick putting on and taking off

Fit (to measure on your own head)

  • Vertical dimensions (from the tip of the nose to the chin): 12cm
  • Horizontal dimensions (from ear to nose): 11,5cm

Product measurements

  • Total length from left to right (without rubber bands): 23cm
  • Maximum height from chin to nose: 12cm

Care instructions

  • The product can be washed at 60°C
  • The fabric can be ironed hot

Made in India


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