Organic Bed linen

Healthy sleep with MELA home organic bed linen

Experience restful nights with the fairtrade bed linen from MELA home, which meets the highest standards of sustainability and fair production. Our great bed linen is not only a visual highlight in the bedroom, but also practical with a hotel fastener for effortless bedding. It is made from 100% organic cotton and is free from toxic additives.
At MELA home, you can buy sustainable and fairly produced bed linen that is certified in accordance with the GOTS, Fairtrade Cotton Standard and the Green Button.

Organic bed linen from MELA home - sleep with sustainable bed linen

The choice of bed linen has a significant influence on the quality of your sleep. At MELA home, we offer bed linen that not only meets aesthetic requirements, but also meets the highest standards for healthy sleep. Our ecological bed linen made from pure organic cotton is produced sustainably and fairly, without the use of harmful substances. Experience healthy sleep Comfort - all year round.

Organic bed linen sets for every taste

At MELA home, you can choose between bold colors or subtle tones and striped patterns to design your bedroom just the way you want it. You can coordinate our bedding sets and fitted sheets to transform your bedroom into a peaceful place to
relax. We offer various standard sizes for your bed:

• 135×200/80x80 cm
• 155x220/80×80 cm
• 240×220/80×80 cm

Find the right size for you, consisting of - depending on the size - a comforter cover and one or two pillowcases. Here are the features of our bed linen at a glance:

• Plain or stripes
• Subtle, harmonious colors
• 100% organic cotton
• Breathable and moisture-regulating percale bed linen
• Vegan
• Free from harmful substances in accordance with the GOTS standard


Fairtrade bed linen - making a difference in the textile industry

Fairtrade Cotton Standard: MELA home bed linen is produced under fair conditions in India. All our organic cotton is Fairtrade-certified and traceable back to the farms. The farmers receive fair minimum prices and social and environmental standards are guaranteed.

Fairtrade textile standard: As a licensee of the new Fairtrade textile standard, we are committed to fair wages, improved working conditions and worker participation. This standard introduces living wages for the first time.

Eco bed linen - natural and free of harmful substances

Immerse yourself in the world of MELA home eco bed linen, which is not only natural, but also free from harmful substances and therefore good for your skin. Our eco bed linen made from 100% organic cotton and natural materials meets the strict criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and offers a restful night's sleep in pure, ecological quality.

Perfect sleeping climate all year round

Year-round sleep comfort is guaranteed with MELA home. High-quality 100% organic cotton ensures excellent skin compatibility, while the 200TC percale ensures breathability and temperature regulation. This makes it ideal for use all year round.
Sleep better with cozy bed linen! Ensure a good night's sleep with high-quality bed linen in various sizes.


Buy sustainable bed linen from MELA home online

We at MELA home are proud to present our high-quality bed linen made from organic cotton. This bed linen not only impresses with its fine fabric quality, but also with its environmentally friendly origin from organic farming. With a clear commitment to sustainable production, MELA home offers a selection of bedding sets that meet the highest standards while contributing to ecological responsibility. Immerse yourself in the luxury of healthy sleep with our organic bed linen!

Do you love natural materials from organic farming and is fair trade important to you?

Discover more sustainable products in the MELA online store!

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